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For various reasons yesterday was the first time I could take my 1970 CP for a serious run after the winter lay up.


After about 2 miles the rev counter started swinging wildly from side to side and eventually stopped working with the needle at zero.

But then suddenly after a further 20 miles it started working perfectly again and was still working today.


Was it just lack of use or do I need to investigate further or perhaps disconnect at the dissy end and put a few drops of oil in the cable?


Anybody got any idea as to what was going on?




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I swapped to a another tacho as my old one started reading 50% high after I lubricated it internally with lithium lubricant.


Try reversing the cable , my replacement tacho only worked when the cable ends were reversed from the original installation.


I now lubricate the cable with moly grease but keep it a foot or so from the tacho connection - the cable lubricating procedure is in the BB.

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Hi John,

it sounds like the cable. If it was broken then it probably wouldn't restart and work OK.

Have a look at the square end of the cable at the gauge end and also the square hole in the gauge for signs of wear.

Quite often the cable grips just at the very end and eventually it rounds off.


Can the cable be inserted deeper.



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