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TR4A wheel boxes for wipers

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Hi Troops - thank you Roger for earlier advice re wheel boxes, delved deeper and the wheel boxes appear to be in quite good condition, checked back through the car bills and found a receipt from '87 for 2 new ones, bearing in mind the car is rarely driven in rain the wheel boxes have been hardly used.

The problem with drivers side wiper is the over large hole in the bodywork that the the wheel box comes through. I attach a photo.

She is in my garage with dashboard out, anyone else had this problem? any thoughts on an easy repair? The other wiper is finepost-7253-0-73534500-1525885185_thumb.jpeg

Would appreciate your feedback



PS got new dashtop from TR Shop - it really is very good, I've been recommended to get new crash pads now but I seem to remember reading that they're obsolete? Got a new switch plinth but I'd rather refurb the existing if that's possible?

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Hi Christine,

possible good news on the left hand grab handle dash pad. These are being looked at by two companies. One in the US and one in the UK.


Regarding your wiper spindle hole.

Is it possible to make the hole bigger :o and then let in/weld in a patch with the correct hole in it .



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It looks as though it has been slack for quite a while and the wobbling about has enlarged the hole. I suppose a bodge with a couple of large washers might be possible but it is a welding job for my money.

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Please note that these holes were NOT originally round. There is a notch to accomodate the feed-pipe for the washer-jet.


I can't tell from the photo how much enlargement there is around this hole.


Compare with the other side and you may be able to work this out.

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Hi Troops - We took one if the wheel boxes out today to fit new jet and bush kit.

What a surprise...

I'm still unsure what has happened but the new bushes appear to be too short? so needed to make up extra bush to take up the slack. Don't really know how the wiper managed to work as the bush underneath was just a piece of water hose pipe with no angle cut and didn't connect at all with the top angled one...

Anyway, on the plus side, the new bush has covered the worn away metal adequately and the whole set up is now adequately secure. Now to see what the passenger side reveals....post-7253-0-63132300-1527749618_thumb.jpeg

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The offside bush (inside the car) cracked & fell off on my '3 a few months ago. Nothing seems to have changed on the outside, the fitting is still quite firm, & no water is getting in !

I will replace when I feel brave enough to get under there :o



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Hi Troops - pleased to report that both wheel boxes now have new bush kits, greased rack and my newly refurbished wiper motor, I can't believe it's the same one, and really thrilled with Alan T's work on the wiper motor.

Don't want to risk frying my new wiring loom with a test run before reconnecting all the instrument dials and switch plinth switches so will have to be patient.post-7253-0-69394300-1528355087_thumb.jpegpost-7253-0-81597400-1528355129_thumb.jpeg

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Well there is a lot of new wire in this motor.


One of the cases of "black-wire", overheated from being left stalled with power applied at some time.


Think I would run the wipers on test before I fitted the dashboard. Just in case tubes and wheelboxes need a tweak.

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Another job needed was to fit new rubber bushes into the mounting plate.


Luckily at this time there is a good supply of these at a low price:




These are proper rubber, unused and exactly right.


They are very difficult to get into the plate and often get cut in half. This spoils the job and is not necessary. But there are a few tricks to get them in.

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