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TR4a engine checks

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So before I get to the point of serious dismantling, can anyone advise what engine checks would be worth doing whilst it's still all connected up and able to run? I was told that a fair amount of engine work was done on the car (65 TR4a) in the States about 10 years ago (but only about 8K miles ago) but I haven't been able to find out exactly what was done (or why). The engine seems to run pretty well, oil pressure comes up quickly, idles fairly smoothly, no obvious noises, exhaust a little smoky on initial choke but seems to be ok after a while. I did detect a little oil when putting my hand to the exhaust, but only a little. Usual oil leaks under the car, haven't pinned down exactly where from yet. So what checks and tests would be worth doing at this stage to inform later decisions on engine work? Compression I would guess would be a good start?

Any thoughts gratefully received



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- Compression test

- Visual cross-contamination oil/water and white smoke at the tail pipe

- Overheating

- Lower engine knocks and rattles

- Upper engine tappets/follower noise and tappet clearance check

- Crankcase pressure from dip stick

If there's no obvious red flag on any of the above you can fairly assume that the engine is reasonably healthy

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If the engine runs as you describe it then I suggest you do nothing apart from a regular service. As they say; if it ain't broke don't fix it and it

certainly does not appear broke to me.



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