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Fuel Leak at the Outlet from the Fuel Pump

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For a long time now I have been plagued by a fuel leak from the outlet on the (mechanical) fuel pump.


I have tightened the nut several times but the leak seems to be getting worse.


From searching the forum I gather that PTFE tape is not the stuff to use but can anyone recommend a sealant that will work in that situation?


In the past I have thought that I have cured it only for it to re-appear again so it is possible that it doesn't like the vibration.


Rgds Ian

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Hi Ian,

take the pump off and check the olive seat inside. There may be some muck in there.


Otherwise fit a new olive with some PTFE tape. I've just done the same and the leak (weep, seep but not a drip) appears to have stopped.



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When I put my pump back in, I will try the delivery pipe back into the pump as a starter. If it still leaks it means I will have to cut the old olive off and fit a new one. I have done this several times and it works with no PTFE at all. I am more concerned with the joint between the tap and the flex. pipe to the pump, as I can't push the pump down to close it off, and I don't want to disturb the joint between the tap and the fuel tank., but may have to to remove the tap to the bench and sort out why it does not push down, iced up I suppose.



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Thanks for the suggestions, earlier today I've hopefully sealed it with liquid PTFE and if that doesn't work it will be off with the pump and Roger's suggestion of a new olive and PTFE tape.


I didn't go straight for the pump off solution because that would involve a new gasket and whilst I have some gasket paper in the garage, I would prefer to save the job of making one if I can.


Rgds Ian

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I've had similar issues with both inlet and outlet pipes even after fitting new pipes & olives, in the end I removed and coated threads & olives with Permatex Thread Sealant before putting back together ( Liquid form ).

I left for about 19 hours before connecting fuel line and all seems good, must admit this has had me tearing my hair out, all started after I replaced all the flexible pipes which obviously disturbed the connections.

Must admit I did notice a bit of petrol occasionally on the inlet pipe union but like another member mentioned on this thread just nicked it up a tad, and agree that you shouldn't need any form of thread sealant but honestly this has been a nightmare.

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I had the same problem. The fuel pipe does not fit into the pump outlet far enough for the olive to clamp on to a full length of pipe and only sits on the end of the pipe. DD sent me an adapter which fits well into the pump and allows the olive to move up the pipe so that it seals properly.

This means a tighter bend in the pipe which is hard to make but it solves the leak.

My local agricultural merchant, John Doe, sells Heldtite which is made for petrol,diesel , oil , water and sea water. It worked very well on my H6 banjo bolts which I was nervous about tightening forcefully.

good luck


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