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kevin bryant

Sprint and Hillclimb updates

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It's far easier to post images on facebook and our site https://www.facebook.com/groups/202580520111968/is very active, so if you want to find out what's happening may I suggest you cut and paste that link.


regards kev


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Pity we cant use the clubs web site to promote the club championship.

Some of us dont do face book

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Well​ without the images we have from Rod:


At 5;30am on Sunday morning the rainfall radar expected the showers to pass just to the north of Goodwood , so as we arrived to a cloudy and coolish day, weather was a “cool “ topic of conversation . I was sitting on the fence with wets on the front and slicks on the rear – which stayed like that until after practice and it was a little clearer which way to go.

For those of you who have been to a wet Goodwood you will understand the preoccupation with the weather – it is a phenomenally fast circuit and the slightest sudden change in grip can have very unpleasant consequences.

The TR’s were not as fully represented as usual , as an offshoot was ambling around the Isle of Man ( and having a great time ) .

We had Graham Ramsey (TR7) , Shaun Roche ( Dolly sprint) , Rod Warner ( dirty TR7 V8 ), Steve Small ( clean TR7V8 ) , Nick Smith (TR6) and Dale Strachan (TR6) but due to the classes were spread around the field . Rob Mac was down to attend but guess that the Combe track day bruises were still too sore ( the car ) , Jeff Hooper didn’t get the TR6 heating problem from Gurston fixed in time.

It had been raining overnight and the track was drying so we were all suitably cautious but pushing where we felt confident .

Whilst this was Shaun’s second sprint , it was effectively his first after the Croft wash out , and progressed well on progressive runs gaining confidence in his newly prepared ( clean ) Dolly Sprint . It was good that we were parked fairly close so could make him welcome and give helpful ( ? ) comments .

I like 2 lap practice format as we get onto the timed runs sooner , that combined with running 5 cars per batch and tight organisation really gets the event moving with one timed run before lunch and two after .

On T1 I think both Steve and I had a bit of a moment virtually at the same point – where you are trying to loose speed form being pretty well flat ( around 120 ) out from Fordwater and the curved back straight to the entry to the No Name / St Mary’s . I just jumped around the track and stayed on , Steve went grass cutting, missed everything ended up back on the track and carried on .

On subsequent runs I think we were both very careful to make a bit of straight tracking before going anywhere near the brakes . Throughout the day Steve and I were pretty close but on T3 Steve pulled out the stops and put a couple of seconds between us . The final best times being ; Steve - 100.36, Rod -102.63, Nick -105.02, Shaun - 117.44, Dale -119.93, Graham -130.57.

A good Goodwood for the TR’s .

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Thanks Kev

Nice report. Weather, grip and the dilemmas of the racers.

Glad everyone was safe



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