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TR5 RHD body on eBay

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The project car that I bought last year was a genuine UK RHD TR5 fitted with twin SUs.

The original owner had it converted from PI back in the early 70s - strange but true!



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With out a log book and commission number try registering, no chance.Spares only, but that is what he is selling I think.

Regards Harry.

Body number on the bulkhead so chassis number could be traced from that. Shame I didnt see this earlier as I was only 5mls away yesterday.


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OMG I never knew that was there! I’ve just looked at the sellers other items and recognised the Comma Superpoise trucks he’s selling. My son in law’s uncle had a load of cars stored there we cleared when he died, MGB’s and Porsche 944s ‘s amongst other stuff. The guys father was a very good friend of SILs uncle.

JFI on the uncles small holding there was MG 4/44, mk1 Spitfire, mk4 Spitfire, Rover 75 Rover 100, Fordson tractor, various stationary engines and farm implements. More gearboxes than you could shake a stick at...god knows why he bought all this stuff! The MGB’s and the Spitfires fetched silly money on eBay.

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