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Funny Fuel stories the inevitable pump saga.

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So Finally getting round to doing a few jobs.

One of the things I have read for years is regarding how you should get a properly designed kit and anything else is dangerous and blah bla.


My 5 has had a bosch pump for 30 years.

It doesnt have anything fancy just a 580254973 pump which was superseeded by the 910.

It doesnt have a bosch filter just low down in the boot and with the CAV filter and it has done many many miles of hard driving here in the alps without ever missing a beat.

So sorry folks when I read stuff about you will damage your car and stuff I am not very convinced as I am living proof.

The original system was deigned to feed 6.89bar @72,74 Lph.

The Bosch I have feeds 5bar @130 Lph.

Just about every Bosch pump feeds 5b (some 3b) Some of the differences are in the consumption and I have no idea why a 910 pulls 1amp more than a 909.

Now I am not sure how all this converts as it would appear that the Bosch pressure is too low but what can I say, they work.

Maybe someone wiser than me can explain?

Anyway back to the point. due to a layup without fuel my pump seal has gone and its leaking so its time to change.

I have a 580254933 someone gave me and I am going to try it out as I cant find any info regards the specs, worst case either she wont run at all or will not ave power at top end, unlikely its dangerous as I said before in theory its rare to have pumps that are more powerful than the Lucas.

Would be great if someone knows where to find the specs of the 933 (Saab 900 I believe) to see but if not I will try it.

For those interested all the info point to vistually all the pumps we are interested in being standardised to the 909 and 910 which have similar specs so all this talk about you need our kit as its the only safe one has me wondering if its not marketing?

For those of you interested I have also found a Marelli pump with similar specs at about 1/5th of the Bosh price.

Interested to hear from anyone who has actually tried the combinations or knows the effects of changes in Lpm (what most of the Bosch do when specs change)

I have been collecting quite a bit of info so for those of you interested here are some links.

http://www.tr6pi.com/Lucas%20Petrol%20Injection.pdf Page 8 shows lucas fuel specs

http://www.leicestertr.co.uk/Part%20Numbers_files/pumps.pdf Range of pump numbers as published by Peter Winn many years ago.

https://www.auto-doc.it/magneti-marelli/7613355 Marrelli pump 6b @120lpm very cheap......It does look identical to my 973 and at that price I am tempted to get one to try.

https://www.boschfuelpumps.com/B.htm list of bosh specs

Last but not least the 2 lists of Bosch cross reference numbers. Second one is easy to read




If anyone has info on the 933 pump I am interested the last link shows the Saab 900 as a 909 so I am hopeful...So meanwhile I am going of to play


P.s. I have been doing a lot of research on oils and do you know that some very well done test charts showing oil resistance I have found actually point to all the chat about zinc and stuff as not being too relevant and not as worrying as some people might think. Gonna post it now separately.




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As a Note the 933 pump is between the 932 and 934 pump which show the 909 pump so presuming there is correlation its looking good.

0 580 254 932 0 580 254 959 0 580 254 909
0 580 254 933
0 580 254 934 0 580 254 909
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Fitted the 580254933 pump and its running fine in the garage.

Idles and revs fine, gentle sound of fuel tricking back into tank.

Taking it out for a spin Sunday after that if I still have doubts I might stick the gauge in front of the metering unit to see, but to be honest I have always been inclined to drive my cars to see.

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At the bottom of this page it shows how Bosch pumps run when asked to deliver higher pressures, amps up and volume per time but several work.


So you ignore the standard ratings and see that they will; push out the pressure needed for the PI system


Iv'e tried various combinations and plumbing including a surge tank.


Now Ive thrown all that away and just fitted the Enginuity version - which has an external fitment for the pump and a filter between the tank and the pump and no other and the marelli pressure regualtor.


Pump is in the rear wheel well low down - reducing the likelihood of feed problems.


Ive just driven 800 miles in France last Friday to Sunday at many speeds.


Pump just did the job as usual in heavy rain and hot sunshine.


I'm pretty sure it is the Sytec OTP 979.


I also tried the Bosch 044 'motorsport' pump - big current hog and very noisy without a swirl tank - at least as I set it up.


Hope this is helpful



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Thanks for that Snowric. I have never had anything but just my setup, I do suffer from starvation on 5 without tank baffles on empty but I know when..

In fact the Bosch 909 and 910 are very similar except that the 909 has slightly more litres per hour.

I straight swapped the 933 which should be a 909.

In fact have now used the car a fair bit and dont see a problem.

I have thought about moving the pump to the wheel well a few times, to reduce some smell but to be honest down in the spare wheel well it has always run in the local hot weather and with plenty of mountain driving.

I am still not using the Bosch filter but just feeding the pump from the original Lucas fuel filter.

Your Sytec has the same code as the Bosch 979 so maybe its the same?

What piping are you using? A lot is failing nowadays

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