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Lumenition Ignition ballast resistor or not?

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A very nice AA man got me on my way again today by diagnosing that the 1.5 ohm ballast resistor on my magnatronic ignition had failed. I had a spare lucas coil which we fitted, by passing the resistor and all seems fine. I was never a fan of the bloody great resistor anyway so am wondering if anyone has any views on running on the current setup.

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If the coil was designed to work with a ballast resistor it may overheat/die early if used without one.


The ballast resistor effectively reduces the coil voltage when running to about 9v

The clever bit is that the ballast is bypassed for starting giving maximum spark power for starting.


My cr car had its ballast bypassed in about 1990, and has been fine ever since with a standard coil



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