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Greetings fellow TRers,

My first post so please be gentle; I have some previous history; rebuilt 2 x GT6s and a Stag, owned a Dolomite and a 2.5TC many years ago, and learnt to drive in a Herald! So recently purchased a LHD TR4a from Utah which seems to be in very good, original condition. I sent away for the production records to BMIHT and it seems too suggest an anomaly; the records say it was supplied with a beam axle, but it is clearly IRS. The chassis number is CT52373L (other numbers match), how might this happen? I am aware that some TR4as were supplied to the US with solid axles, but why would the production records be wrong? It also has a plexiglas rear screen in the Surrey top and a fibreglass lift out section; was this standard for the US?


Appreciate your thoughts





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Welcome to the club and the forum.


Do you have a name and it's always helpful to have an idea whereabouts you are based?


I'm guessing but I suspect a previous owner has converted your car to IRS - it's not that difficult but as far as I recall, a 4A solid axle chassis wouldn't have a front differential bridge at all, so this would have to have been added - is there any evidence of this? Likewise, although the rear differential bridge was fitted originally, it didn't have the pins fitted, so these would have to have been installed afterwards. I would be surprised if these later additions were not visible from the differences in welding etc when not factory done.


It is of course possible that someone has changed the entire chassis for an IRS one, for whatever reason, at some point. Many people importing the solid axle cars convert them in any case so I don't think you need to worry


As for the Surrey top, if it left the factory with one of these, then I would have expected it to have been mentioned on the Heritage Certificate - this was the case with my cars - if it wasn't mentioned, then I guess yours is a later addition, hence possibly the non standard spec - are you sure your rear screen surround is not fibreglass as well?


Got any pics?


Good luck with the refurb and don't be afraid to ask lots more questions




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My TR4A was also a Beam axle (Live axle) when brought back across the pond, chassis No CT73211L, just checked my BMIHT which does not mention anything about the drive axle type.


How was the beam axle mentioned on your certificate.


Incidentally mine is also now IRS.


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All solid axle cars are in the CTxxxx range carrying on from the TR4, it seems yours has had a chassis change


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Hi QK,

I was thinking of a chassis change before Stuart posted. Is there any evidence of this.


The plexiglass on the Surrey top is not standard but would be used with an aftermarket fibreglass rear frame. This would go with the fibreglass roof.


Is there any evidence that the commission plate is with the right car !! :o


You could remove some plastic parts and see if there is a date code on them



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I think ALL Lucas parts have a date code on them as well.

Maybe some have been replaced over the years, but if you find 2 or 3 with the same month/year you could make a good guess that they were original.



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Thanks for all the helpful replies gents, I think a chassis change is the most likely option. I checked the diff no (CTC51653) and I'll see if if BMIHT have a record of what car that was fitted to. A bit of a mystery!






(W coast of Scotland)

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