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Changing from Drums to Discs

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As part of the restoration of my Doretti I am changing from drums to discs on the front. Aside from that I will be retaining the standard early car suspension and running gear although I have got some Alloy hubs and will be using (slightly) uprated springs and adjustable shocks. Road use only intended.


I believe that I could use either the Tr3 dscs and callipers or the Tr6 versions but that the latter option is preferable as the calipers are cheaper and more readily available. (I have both types of caliper mounting plates available so that's not a consideration).


I just wondered whether there are any other issues to take in to consideration in making the decision between the two disc/caliper options?


Any advice on this point will be welcome.

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Unsprung weight difference isn't huge, not in the total per front corner . . . . . almost irrelevant.


More to the point, where do you stop when it comes to modernising ?


I have this gut feeling that substituting a pukka 1950s disc system for original drums counts as a period modification, more or less. In contrast, switching to a more modern calliper system of the '60s or '70s cannot be considered a period evolution by any definition. So the Doretti moves one more step towards being a hot rod.


Nothing wrong with trying to maintain period flavour, and nothing wrong with trying to move over to a hotter rod approach, but you can't have your cake and eat it. You have to determine just which road you're following !


It's not that hard to find older Girling callipers - I have spare one and two piece sidescreen units, as well as early and later 16s surplus.


Available if required.





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