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TR6 Steering Wheel Production Change

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Afternoon All


Wondered if anyone knows the commission number change for the early steering wheel to the later type ( assuming there was only two types)?


Also am I right in thinking the very early type was a black finish with circular holes in the spokes, and the later type with slotted spokes?





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There were in fact three different steering wheels for the TR6 - the first, as you rightly say, was black with holes in the 'spokes' and was 15".


To CP50000



From CP50001 (15")



From CR1 to end of production (14.5") and thicker rim - note different centre pad (fake stitches) and horn posh




Hope that helps




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Thank you, Andrew.


More specifically, US Spec steering wheels:

1969 black, 4 hole

1970-1972 black, slotted

1773-1976 silver anodized, slotted




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9 hours ago, tr graham said:


yes that is correct for an early to mid 69 car not sure when they changed Derek Graham would be the man to answer that , the spokes need painting satin black


Thanks Graham

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3 hours ago, PGB BME said:


is the early uk TR6 the dished but finished black or silver?

Dished (the one with the round holes) and finished in black. 


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