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Decent quality bearings

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Hi guys,


Do you know where can be found good quality bearings (Timken, Fag, SKF, eventually NTN....) for our cars ?


I've several TR overdrive gearboxes and rear axles to rebuilt this winter, and it seems very difficult to find what I'm looking for !


For example: 100422 and 100897A, who are respectively Timken 15100SR/15245 and 3188S/3120 (TR differential pignon bearings) seems almost impossible to find, especially if one want the appropriate conical angle, except at excessive prices, in the "half ton" area....


Who can help, and/or share is experience ?



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don't worry, he's a Mancunian like me and Pete Fenlon, you'll be fine.



No, not another one, 2 are enough ! :lol:

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@ Hi Graeme, Thanks for the link.


As you know, I'm only a mechanic, not an engineer, but I know that bearing makers use different angles in their conical bearing, according to their applications, beside others specifications.


An "average" Timken can be found everywhere, but, how can I know if the bearing I bought will give me dozens of thousands of miles or tranquillity ?


Some English suppliers offers NTN and Timken bearings, but I won't buy one of these unless I'm sure they will last as long as the originals bearings.


@ Hi Don, many thanks for the offer, it may be usefull.

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Gi Chris,

You are right to be carefull with equivalents.

There are comparison tables between different makes, that helps a bit.

But there are also fake SKF bearings reported, all nicely marked and boxed SKF, so cheap may mean you do not get what you want.

Also note the letters/numbers following the main number that identifies a bearing:

C3 means the bearing has a bit more clearance which is required in some applications.

1RS or 2RS are the shields on the side (1 or 2), in this case made from rubber).

1Z or 2Z are also shields, but then metal.

The vendors have tables with their bearings with dimensions and load numbers, but it is a lot of effort to do this comparison (I would not go that far).

I would buy a set from a respectable company specialized in TR gearboxes and ask for their premium quality bearings.

They will know what is needed.

Many of this forum recommend Overdrive Repair Services (ORS), and if I lived in the UK, that is where I would go.

Good luck,


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I've already spent many hours at trying to compare bearings specs, the only result was a terrible headache, quickly followed by flying tools (jocking !)


Good idea about ORS, it's worth asking them which brand of bearings they are using/selling.

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100422 : this one is easy to find, but how to be absolutly sure that it meet the performances of the original 15100SR​/15245, considering that it is a 15100/15245 ?



Unbranded on the picture, 100897A (ie 3188S/3120) is the more critical bearing : the one on this website is a 3188/3120.


I would like to know why Triumph (and MG...) choose to use SR or S suffixed bearing, ie what is the differences with "standard" bearings !

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The genuine correct Timkin bearings are available from specialist bearing suppliers ,including the special differential ones , the correct ones are getting towards what you quoted , beware similar without the S at cheap prices from the usual suspects.

I have a complete correct set if you are looking .


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You'll probably find you local bearing stockist can help you if they are still being made. They are to be found in most UK towns and certainly cities, and while they are focused on industrial customers, they will sell to anyone. They will have branded makes as well as cheaper alternatives, so you need to be clear what you are looking for.


Alternatively, I've had a lot of success with eBay for hard to find original bearings. Especially if you have equivalent numbers to include in your searches. Good manufacturers are; Timken, SKF, INA, NSK and FAG. I'm talking NOS here of course, not modern far east versions.




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Well I choose to trust this online catalogue, find from Timken offcial website : http://www.showmetheparts.com/timken/


If you understand how tu use it, Timken will tell you which bearing you need for your application, if sold by them during your car' production.


No need to look elsewhere !

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Caveat emptor . . . . .


you won't find a lot of joy trying to utilise bearing 2065 on a TR4A, normally fitted with a diaphragm clutch . . . . . it's the correct bearing for the preceding spring clutch assembly, TR2-4.


The use of a 'representative image' photo on the wheel bearings I looked at doesn't help either, especially when there is significant detail difference between the 'representative image' and the actual bearing . . . . . just about guaranteed to confuse some poor blighter hoping to identify what is on his car.


In my experience, bearing suppliers can be very awkward indeed about taking back into stock an incorrectly ordered or specified item - more so than most automotive component suppliers.


Attention to detail required when sourcing bearings !!





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You know I know this, Alec, and if you've spent more than 5 secs on this catalogue, you may have seen that some theorically perfectly matching references aren't there neither.


I'm Lucky enough to have a trusted very good friend, working in the bearing business (skf- but he don't sell them !) who's ready to help me , so no problem on this side of the channel : anything I'll buy will be collected and pay "on the shelf", so it will be very easy to check if it's the right thing or not.

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