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Dave Herrod

Engine start up - who'd have thought it?

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After far too long since building an engine that I bought in parts, yesterday was the day for the big start up. (I had taken the head off again to make sure that the valve gear was still lubricated, and I was happy that the graphogen would still be in the bearings).


The timing was set up as per the book, I had fuel at the carbs, spark present (albeit a bit weak), span the engine without plugs and oil pressure came up quickly, installed plugs, hit the solenoid and.......nothing except a half-hearted back fire. Hmm must be ignition somehow.


Replaced plugs, points and condenser and ....still nothing except a slightly louder backfire.


Took distributer out to make sure I hadn't got it 180deg out - nope all as per the manual.

Then, working through the HT leads, it struck me that they were all 90 degrees out of phase in the distributor cap - odd as the distributor and cap had come off my original, very worn but working, engine. Having re-positioned the leads in the cap, it started on the first press of the button! I then looked at my old engine and it seems that whoever put it together had installed the distributor drive with cylinders 2 and 3 at TDC, not 1 and 4!


I am really chuffed that it started and it sounded beautiful (thanks Tom), but it took so long to find out the problem, I didn't have time to break in the cam. I didn't let it idle and am hoping that the time spent turning it over hasn't bu99ered the cam or followers.



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Well done, great news!!


Always a great feeling the first start up



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