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Electronic Ignition recommendations

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Well over the Holiday period UOV let himself down, went to start up for the Bicester scramble and wouldn't start, fairly certain its a sparks issue so thinking of converting to electronic ignition. I know there have been a number of previous threads on this but conscious that technology keeps moving forwards, so anybody have any recommendations ? was thinking more of the 'module' type solution rather than throwing the whole dizzy away but ultimately looking for reliability....................... with minimum maintenance !

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Hi Graham,

I have this fitted to my 4A and has worked faultlessly for 12+ years



I did have one before that and that lasted 2 years. When they go it is sudden and permanent.


Here is the Accu-spark version that many people are happy with.

I have one fitted to a spare dizzy and it works.



If you go down this route make sure you have either a spare unit (at £90 a go this is a luxury) or a spare dizzy all set up or a spare Contact breaker base plate all set up.


Would it not be easier and cheaper to sort out what you have.

The standard kit runs for years on end. Just make sure the gap is maintained.



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I have had an Accuspark module fitted since 2013 - no problems so far, circa £35 from ebay

I think the "Powerspark" module is the same thing.


I carry a spare one in the car as it would be much quicker to change that than to revert to points etc in the event of a failure.



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I’ve run the following electronic options :


Accusparc, cheap and worked for the 6 months or so i had that car

Lumenition optronic, worked flawlessly for circa 15 years

123tune+ just installed and working well so far, 4 days!, with bluetooth app for tuning, rev limit and immobilisation


Points work too :-)



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Better to sort out what you have, a rebuild by Martin Jay Distributor Doctor http://www.distributordoctor.com/

Or get a kit of parts from him to fit into yours, they are reliable and fixable on the side of the road unlike when an electronic system goes down (and they do)


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I have had Lumenition Optronic on two cars when I bought them.... both failed.

I replaced the failed items with Pertronix Ignitors (bought via Retrorockets in the US when the pound was strong, but sent from a UK-based distributor so you dont get stung with import duties) - both of these ran superbly in my ownership.


I fitted a Powerspark to my current 4 when the existing Optronic gave up (hmmmm, I dont believe in 3-time coincidences) because it was ridiculously cheap when compared to Pertronix - £25 - so bought two and one lives in the glovebox.

It has run beautifully for 2 years.


If I had limitless pockets Id probably try playing with a 123...... but I dont !


...... Andy

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very very happy with 123 ingition, build in gt6, tr2, tr4 and volvo 1800es. http://www.123ignition-conversions.nl/converted the original housing of the gt6 and tr2 to keep the correct looks. driving multiple years with multiple cars.

Nothing compares in this case with original, even when they are restored. the intelligence will compensate for any irregularity. i havent used the bluetooth options.

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I have two cars running happily with Accuspark. £35 from eBay.

Each car has a spare base plate already set up with condenser and points ready to go sitting in the glove box.

It only takes a few minutes to swap them over.

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I had a Optronic on another car, when I started to get issues it was so hard to prove whether the unit was faulty or not. Substitution was only possible at great expense.


Swapped it for a cheap Powerspark, easy to fit, cheap enough and small enough to carry a spare and has proved 100% reliable. So I never refitted the Optronic, I'm very pleased with Powerspark.





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123 here in the TR. And a homemade set up (inside the existing dizzy) in my Saab 96 from a local genius who used to work for Mercedes as head of ECU development, I combined this set up with Beru spark plugs, and a bespoke HT leads set. Honestly, between the 123 and the 'homebrew', I don't know which works better!


My Porsche still has the same good old Bosch set-up. Come to think about it: the Porsche is hesitating between 1500 and 3000 rpm. Perhaps I should have a set 'cooked' for this car as well.



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+1 for the "1-2-3 Ignition"

I did use one (with the rotary switch) for several years without any problems because at that time I had neither a rebuildable dizzy nor good contacts.


In 2017 I exchanged it with the new "Bluetooth-tunable"- variant for some reasons:

- more flexibility with the curves

- "dashboard" on the smartphone (that is used as navigation system as well and is therefor already "on board") including

- programmable via smartphone (is more comfortable as per laptop because a smart phone is always "on board")

- integrated "immobiliser" (really helpful, l, especially in a sidescreen Tr with all its "anti-theft"- features)


My experience since 2010: No problems at all, the old unit is now in the boot as a spare...


Regards, Johannes

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Does the 123 ignition system provide a noticeable increase in performance?

What maximum advance setting are you using?

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I run Pertronix Ignitor in my TR4 over 20 years and in the highliy tuned Volvo 123GT as well.

Bought with Retrorocket USA. Use NGK BPR7HIX Iridium - type plugs in both cases .

No problem att all.


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In addition ,  Ignitor I type , advance  setting 22° at 1500 revs on 25D4, coil is Lucas sport (golden).

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