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Fuel delivery for 4.6 Rover engine

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I have a warmed-up 4.6L Range Rover engine with 14CUX EFI (Tornado chip) on top. Its my daily ride and I track the car with the club. Its time to overhaul the fuel delivery system and I'd like to do it right the first go (just for a change). The car goes well up to a little over 3,000 rpm then the power dies off. I'm suspicious that its fuel starved.


I have a swirl pot in the boot, the original hard fuel line (which looks too small), a pressure gauge inline and a choice between vacuum or manually-adjustable regulator.


I'd be most grateful for advice on how to put this together. What size fuel lines? What type of lines and fittings? Optimal pumps and filter? What is the optimal fuel pressure? There is a narrow aperture pipe at the entrance to the fuel rail that the fuel hose fits onto. Is this a problem?





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If you have a pressure gauge on the fuel line, try extending it to somewhere you can see it while driving. If the fuel pressure drops as the revs build there is a supply problem, if the pressure holds up the problem is elsewhere.


If the fuel pressure regulator is referenced to vacuum the pressure in the rail will vary according to manifold depression. ie. load.

A quick google suggests a pressure of 35psi under high load dropping to 25psi at hot tickover (if referenced to vacuum).

If the ecu has never been re-programmed it will be assuming this pressure characteristic.

Which regulator is on the car at the moment? Vacuum or manual? When you say "warmed up" what does this mean?

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