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Camshaft (timing) Chain Wheel - 57113 OE - wet liner 4 engine

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Spin off from a recent forum discussion, I noted that Helen Gill is offering on the 'bay a nos OE Stanpart 57113 . . . . which fits all wet-liner 4-pots, TR2 through TR4A.


The only wheels I've seen in recent years have been repros, which didn't impress me any more than do some of the timing chains currently available.


As it happens, Helen tells me she has a modest box full of these OE chain wheels . . . . well worth grabbing one, I'd suggest, if you are planning an engine rebuild, at least in my view.


No I don't know just what she wants for one, but if a repro is £33 I'd expect to be paying a bit more for a Stanpart item.


Phone number is 01371 870175, and as Helen is pretty much holding the fort on her tod at the moment then you might have to be patient. Ray and Helen are after all semi-retired, gradually clearing the rump stock of their former TR Improvements business, it's not like they're still a full-time trading concern.


Before anyone jumps down my throat, then yes Ray and I have known each other for more than 40 years . . . . and I've known other TR specialists just as long, and longer. None of which influences me unduly when it comes to commenting on their offerings, for better or worse.







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