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Surrey top front capping

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Hello All,


I have almost completed a totel restoration of my 26/50 but I have a niggling problem. This car came with an original hood fitting but I am fitting a Surrey etc. When i came to fit a new Surrey type front w/screen frame capping 2 problems emerged, first the 2 holes in the capping for the Surrey sticks do not align with the holes in the w/screen frame,no 2 is when fitting the new capping to the frame there isnt a sufficient gap between the frame & the capping to allow me to slide in the soft top.

I would be very grateful if anyone could guide me in the right direction to get the soft top fitted & then hopfully I can get the car to the MOT station.


Many Thanks



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Hi Peter,

I take it that the holes in the W/frame DO line up with the hard top roof.


If so then you probably need to send the new capping back for one that fits in this respect.

It would be easy enough to move the holes in the frame to align with the capping but that may be no good.


As for the gad at the front. As you know you do need to have the correct size gap - to small and the front will not fit. Too big and the front comes out :o


I made a variety of thick spacers (ali washers). These fit under the rivets.

It takes some time to get it nice and even. I found using aircraft skin pins quickened the operation.


I'm not advocating this but I ended up with M4 rivnuts in the outside two positions and they fitted well.







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Morning Pete when we both looked at this problem I though the screen frame must have been changed in the past, although you thought it to be original, what you could do with knowing is what the differences are between other windscreen frames that fits a tr4/5/6,personaly I think you have a tr6 frame i.e. it was never meant to have the Surrey type capping but the narrower tr6 capping this would fit and all the holes line up, so i can only think of 2 ways round this 1 convert Surrey top to tr6 handle type locking (which a few people have done) or replace frame. Hope others might some ideas on your dilemma

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Hello All,


Thanks for your response to my question on the w/screen capping. My first task is to find out if the w/screen frame is the correct one, when I have determined this one I will move on. I will let you know how I get on.


Cheers Peter

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I have a TR6 with the original windscreen frame and a Surrey Top. On mine, the holes in the surrey capping line up with the holes for the original soft top locking pins. I removed the pin locking plates and the surrey hood sticks line up fine.

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