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Windscreen fitting technique, is this good practice?

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After a fifteen week wait the windscreen company finally received my replacement TR6 windscreen (blue top tint) and fitted it.

They brought a new screen rubber gasket which they did not use. Instead they pushed out the old screen and rubber, refitted the rubber gasket to the new screen and fitted the screen. My concern is that they did not clean off the old mastic from the rubber or the frame which was still tacky, just refitted without new mastic.

They claimed the old mastic would reseal, and as the mastic on the frame and seal would be re-aligned it would form a good watertight seal.

Does that sound a reasonable practice? Has anyone experienced this type of re-fitting and does it form a watertight seal?


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As my screen was turning opaque from the bottom up - particularly the left side - I had a new laminated screen supplied and fitted by Revington TR on 4th/5th September. The old gasket was re-used because they consider it superior to the modern version, as long as it is not damaged. As one would expect, the gasket and screen surround were cleaned, and black sealant pumped in all the way round. I drove home in some 3 hours of rain, frequently very heavy, and, returning home from Kop Hill on Saturday afternoon, the heavens opened once again. No water has got past the screen seal.


If a screen has been fitted without sealant, I would subject the car to some wet weather motoring and keep a close watch on the seal.


I'm surprised by your 15 week wait - as far as I am aware (and Revington catalogue confirms), TR4/5/6 screen is the same, and I thought standard laminated screens were ex-stock. Heated or tinted might incur a delay, I guess. I was surprised that the cost of my plain screen was only some £71 plus VAT. Together with new wiper blades, makes driving in the wet a great deal less of an ordeal!


Ian Cornish

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Mine had a blue top, fairly uncommon I think, down on the fitters sheet as a special at £697 list price - not a misprint, shown as charged at £414 to insurance company.




I didn't think that a tinted screen with a top tint was that rare.

In the days of Harborough Glass having them made - a screen with a top tint was a tenner more than a plain one!

Your insurance company is being robbed!

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