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Wedge Parts - Bulk Clearance TR7, TR8, V8 component

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As many of you may be aware, over the years I've squirrelled away an awful lot of TR7, TR8 and V8 parts both new and used.


Over the past couple of years I have thinned the stock considerably, now that we have only the TR8 Drag Car and my son Tom's black fhc remaining with us, but there is a fair amount still in my store. That amounts to all sorts, from rusty old wheels and endless minor items through to various used and even a new panel or two, and assorted mechanicals of many a variety through electrics and trim.


Quantity wise, think a proper Transit, not Connect or Partner size, van required.


Wherever I'm going when I kick the bucket, this lot won't be coming with me - that's for sure. I'd like to get shot of it out of Diane's hair before then. It won't be silly money, but nor will it be given away - it is part of her pension fund after all !


No way can I get involved in looking for individual requests for items - sorry, my time is too short, end of.


Anyone with a serious interest in shifting the whole damn kit and caboodle in one go, please drop me a PM or email and we'll have a chat, and once I'm back from Spa 6 Hours we can look at what's there in more detail - once some of it has been dragged out to the light of day.





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Hi Guys,


I've had a couple of PMs and half a dozen emails from folks looking for this that or the other obscure item of trim or whatever.


PLEASE, what is not clear about


" No way can I get involved in looking for individual requests for items - sorry, my time is too short, end of. "


I'm doped up to the eyeballs on the chemotherapy which is keeping me alive. I have better things to do. I appreciate these odd items are important to you, but they are utterly insignificant in my position.


The other question is along the lines of 'how much for the lot' ?


As already explained above, once I'm back from Spa and a couple of volunteers have been kind enough to help with the muscle power which I've lost and am still rapidly losing for my sins, I'll have a better idea. But we are talking a full Transit load, which is potentially of quite some value.


The response to 'will it be more than a hundred quid' ought to be pretty damn obvious, if it isn't then please don't waste my remaining time.


Meanwhile, any serious enquirers for the whole damn lot (and no I don't wish to get involved in splitting it into bundles or making lists, it will be a bundle of photos in due course !) please let me have a phone number and I'll give you a ring for a chat . . . . .





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After five decades of wheeling and dealing TR parts, no I'm not short of contacts . . . . :rolleyes:


I'd rather this lot went to an enthusiast who will make themselves a tidy profit by sorting and spreading the parts around where they are needed . . . . as opposed to the lot going to a proverbial parts hoarder who will just stack all the parts on the shelf and sit on them.


Most of this lot I rescued years ago when nobody wanted decent used stuff, because nos was still available. There isn't much left in nos TR7/8 component these days, and ensuring that items like these find a useful purpose matters to me - it's just another facet of preserving the marque.


Yes OK, in a world of classic car investors that might sound somewhat quaint, old-fashioned even . . . . but I don't give a damn, I still hold dear the principles which powered the TR Register from the beginning.


And money isn't everything.





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