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I received this PM and i thought you might be interested in it.




Hi Dougal
What are your recommendations for changing tubes and rim tapes?
Do you recommend changing them at each tyre change baring in mind that tyre changes for us are normally forced by age considerations rather than wear.



It is sort of discretionary.


tyre and inner tube manufacturers say change tubes every time you change a tyre.


I would also suggest that when a tyre is 10 years old it has had it. I would suggest the same rule applies for tubes.


I change my tubes every time i change a tyre, baring in mi8nd with my racing car i change the rear tyres 3 times a year.


I suppose we all accept that if money were no object we would change our tubes regularly. However, money predominantly is a big object.


Tubes do wear. if you imagine the bit of the inner tube that presses against where the tyre sits on the rim, that is the area that wears most. So if you are happy that the tube you have isn't too old and it is a good quality one then you can inspect that area for wear (it looks like it has sort of been nibbled). you can find it because there will be a line running round the inside circumference of the tube that you can follow round starting from the valve stem. this is the most likely area to get wear.


However; if in doubt fitr a new tube. It always rains when you are on the side of a road with a puncture.


we encourage our customers to fit Michelin http://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/page/classic-tyre-inner-tubes they are £ 12 + VAT at present. I think that is good to say it is a Michelin product

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