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works cars - wiper motors

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Can any one confirm or deny the truth in this listing please.




If it's true, I'll make 'em available to anyone making a works replica.


Its not right for an XK120 or 140 probably.


But this guy is a Triumph restorer so maybe he knows.

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The Works' TR4 rally cars were equipped with 2-speed wiper motors, but slightly different (see photo).

The switch reverses the drive to the motor in order to force the wiper blades to the bottom right of the screen, and Pete Wigglesworth told me that motors of this type were fitted to Jaguars of the period (early 1960s).

Ian Cornish


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Not fitted to TR3a but as Ian says fitted to TR4 works cars, not 3 speed either.


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Motors of this type are correct for MKII Jaguars. I trade them all the time.

Similar on P4 Rover and of course mystery Rolls/Bentley of various type.


Not what I'd chose for a works car though. Loads of extra failure modes. Funny washers, springs, crank-pins etc


Anyway interesting that it's correct for works TR4. I'd a vague recollection of this.


So thanks for the information chaps.


And for reference £200 will bring a first class one.

But you will need a special switch also. NOT the usual 2-speed one.


And a special wiper rack to operate the parker.


An ordinary two speed would be my choice.

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A very interesting question and something I've been wondering for years.


I own a very early (1955) TR3 which I purchased as a barn find back in the early 90's.


When I dismantled the car to begin the restoration I discovered it was fitted with the this wiper motor, a rotary switch and rack which according to the model number was usually fitted to an XK140.


My car has a history as a successful rally car (4th in class and Coupe des Alpes1956 Alpine Rally, among others).


I've always wondered whether this wiper motor was fitted during its rally days or later by a PO. The car also had other rally equipment and ancillaries that I know were used whilst rallying.


I still have this wiper motor and associated kit which I've restored to working order but not put back on the car due to it perhaps being 'non original' to the period.


If anyone can throw any light on this I'd be interested.





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I would have thought it likely that a keen rally driver would carry out such an upgrade as it's not that difficult - just a few extra wires between switch and motor.

Bill Piggott has spoken to many of the crew members from that era, so might have some knowledge.

Maurice Gatsonides frequently modified the Works' TRs which he drove, even using a tin-opener to improve cooling in very hot weather. Whether Ken Richardson approved, who knows, but Gatso was so successful that one imagines Ken just putting up with such improvements!

Ian Cornish

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Hi, I need some help with my Lucas 2 speed wiper motor. The motor has recently been rebuilt by Moss Motors and I have installed it and after a significant period of time figuring out the wiring of the Off/On/On pull switch it is working. However I am not convinced I have done this correctly as the wiper motor feels very warm while the ignition is on without the motor running, is this normal? Does anybody have a diagram or photo of what wires go where on the switch terminals? I have completely rebuilt this car and installed a new wiring loom which match the original colour coding so I am confident I have connected the motor terminals correctly, but the switch has got me concerned.

The car is a Tr4a, ex Santa Monica, now in Adelaide, South Australia

Thanks Patrick,

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AlanT posted a picture of the correct wiring arrangements at the switch a little while ago. If you search for wiper motor you'll probably find it eventually. It's likely that Alan will spot this post or you could PM him.


The motor should not be hot when off, disconnect it until you have it connected properly.

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Way back in the 70s when I was driving 3As, I acquired a

2-speed DR3 wiper motor and (rotary) switch, planning for

a future restoration that never happened.


When I had my TR4 rebuilt, I gave the setup to TR Enterprises

but they said it was wrong and supplied and fitted a 2-speed

wiper setup, DR3, with pull switch.


So - there is more than one type of DR3 2-speed wiper motor.

I don't know the story behind this, but still have the rotary

switch (with approx. 7 wires attached) that would (or should)

correspond with the type of wiper on eBay.



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Alan - your rotary switch with 6 or 7 wires attached sounds like that fitted to the Works' TR4s (see my post #4, above).

I have sent you a wiring diagram and photo.

Ian Cornish

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These 6-wire motors, that use special switches, are not a special-build for works-cars they are borrowed from the parts-bin for luxury saloons like Jaguar, Humber, Rover, Bentley etc.


The direction of rotation changes when parking, a special crank-arm with an eccentric cam in the big-end, causes the blade to drop right to the bottom of the screen.


To make all this work there are several small parts that are very prone to wear. This is all poorly understood and the parts are not easy to find.


It amuses me to look at the 60's Rolls/Bentley listed on eBay and see how many have wiper-blades parked half-way up the screen.

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On 6/30/2017 at 9:13 PM, iain said:

Not on mine and everything else is still there.

I am curious about your "everything else", maybe would warrant a new thread with pics?

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31 minutes ago, iain said:

Hi David , have a read of Traction 281. April 2015, in the members Area. Descriptive and photographic record of all of the original works features on VHP529.


Thanks very much, I must admit that I haven't yet explored that area of the site. I shall tap in "Members' area" and take a look.

 Very interesting to find out, for example, what sort of rally equipment was available and used and any practical mods which might be still relevant these days, in a post-Virus World.

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