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Modified and fabricated tools - Show & Tell

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32 minutes ago, Lebro said:

I like that too, may I copy it please ?


Go ahead Bob, and while you’re at it mount it on a flexible stalk with a magnetic mount as I will be doing for use in the engine bay. 

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A lightweight drain plug remover which lives in the travelling tool kit. 

Well, the "special" tool, even with a torch attached, failed to locate the lamp. It was excellent at recovering various small logs, and large stones though. Luckily I had taken along a Plan B - a

Hi, this was one of the first tools I made for my TR4A about 10 years ago, very durable and still in use... Shure someone else has one like this in use and posted it already.

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Nice one Andrew,  I like the simplicity. 

I use something similar when working on my bikes, the problem is the same but, rather than on the flat, I needed to work around peculiar shaped bits of bike.  My solution was a 5" off-cut of mains electrical wire, the stuff with thick copper cores, and to put a crocodile clip onto the ends of two individual wires and then a large clip onto the other end.  The larger clip clamps onto the edge of tinware on the bike (the electrical box's lid or the headlamp-shell usually) ..with a piece of inner-tube under to protect the paintwork. The other end's two crocodile clips hold the wires to be soldered. Inbetween, the three copper cores of the wire 'arm' are pretty stiff, but still flexible enough to bend as necessary. . .



I've been using it for almost 10 years now, on my own and customer's bikes, so it's paid for itself.  I've also used it on my last classic, clamping onto the bonnet gutter flange or anything else that was handy.  

However, I think your pegs would be quicker to use when I can solder wires at the bench.  So, likewise if I might, I'll copy the idea but stick a strip of Velcro to its baseboard, and it's partner Velcro onto the lid of my electrical box (..so it's always handy) but when attached together the wires wouldn't push away from the iron. 

Cheers, Pete.    

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Sorry it posted twice but I can't see how to delete this copy


Nice one Andrew,  I like the simplicity. 

etc, etc, .....  Cheers, Pete.    

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