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I have had the most senior moment ever. Having rebuilt my engine reground crank.new pistons cyl head having new valve seats etc.it was time to turn over the engine to build up the oil pressure before firing up the motor. Having spun the engine for ages but still no oil pressure I wondered what could be wrong.

I went to bed that night & I couldnt sleep thinking what coud be wrong. Up in the next morning I decided to remove the sump & check the pump. After draining out the engine oil & 1/2 hour removing the sump what did I discover?. I (BL---Y) hadnt fitted the oil pump.

The question I raise has anybody else suffered such a stupid senior moment. I have dropped many clangers in my time but never have been as stupid as this one.

This is what happens when you become a member of the ( old farts club ).



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How about forgetting your fly fishing rods and find out after arrival at the fishing spot?

And I was not senior then!

Waldi, half senior half (would be) junior

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I reckon it's extremely Senior when you are owning up to it !!! But also quite welcoming !


So have you fitted it now old fella ?

Have good day, if you can remember it !


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Driving from Las Vegas to Vancouver Canada, 350 miles away from home my says crap, we forgot our passports. Hooked a U turn drove home got the passports and headed out the next morning.


Definitely not senior but most certainly a moment.


Normally we fly there but this time were driving so the routine was off.



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Hello All Again,


Just to keep you up on the progress or the lack of it. I fitted the oil pump & refitted the sump etc so I turned the engine over but what happened next is unbelievable. I still could not get any oil pressure so I made a cup of tea, sat down & thought about my next plan of action. Why I didnt get any oil pressure was beyond me, & I thought about removing the sump once again because there was possibility the the pump was shot. So I then checked the oil level & the engine was empty ( Bugger ) me I hadnt refilled the engine.

So then I filled it with oil, turned it over & would you believe it there was oil pressure.

This was the second Senior moment I wonder what the third one will be?. Can anyone suggest an alternative hobby or pastime ( please dont be rude ). As you know I am very sensitive.


Cheers Peter

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Bot many people are willing to commit mistakes, and because "someone else" many times makes them, rest asured you are not the only one.


Someone else.

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Mine was worse. Same scenario, no oil pressure on initial turn over.

Then horror - oil all over the floor, pouring out of the clutch housing.

Disassembly found that I had forgotten to replace the plug at the back of the main oil gallery, and that the rear engine plate is no substitute.

The pump had been working well, though! The clutch friction plate was soaked in oil, halfway up.


But I had the gearbox split from the engine anyway, so no probs - recover the plate!

Always a silver lining, or in this case, friction lining.



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