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Hi, I have recently bought and started restoring a TR2 (Chassis no 6446). Could someone publish a picture of the boot stay and in particular the way it attaches to the rear deck? There are the remains it seems of a bracket but I cannot see how it should fit together. Assuming the part is not in the various boxes of bits I have, are they available?


Also the channel which the boot seal on needs repairing/making. I cannot see that any repair sections are available which is fine as I can make them up, but I seem to remember reading that some of the cars channels had rounded corners and some have ninety degree square corners. Can anyone help with which is correct or did I imagine this?


A picture attached of what I've taken on!





Fleet, Hampshire


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All TR2s, TR3s and early TR3As had square corners for the channel for the boot seal. Mine came like that in May 1958 (TR3A TS 27489 LO) and maybe the photos I have attached will help.


The rubber seal sits down in the channel and originally mine was glued in. In 1990 during the restoration, I cut the seal to fit as originally - but never glued it in. I never had rain come in. This way, I can easily remove it to clean the dust etc. out the bottom of the channel - as at a Car Show.


The seal length along the top channel for the boot opening has the "wing" pointing down towards the boot. The 2nd piece goes down one side as shown, turns the 90 deg. corner goes along the bottom and then turns upwards again. The only cuts are at the the extreme left and right upper corners. and are notched (mitered ?) to fit and seal.


Don Elliott, Original Owner







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New boot stays are available and they attach to the R/hand boot hinge bolts on the lid itself. There should be a folded box in the right side channel that it locates in, I dont have pictures on this computer but can put some up tomorrow if you need. The boot channel should be squared corners on your car, the rounded shape came in with the later 60K cars. Its not available but relatively easy to fabricate especially if you have a spot welder and looking at what you have it would be a very good tool to invest in.


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I forgot to mention that the stay-rod is secured to the studs for the hinge on the RHS when looking at the boot from the rear. Also, the bottom free end of the stay-rod is supported in a slotted hole between the channel for the seal and the RHS rear wing.


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