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Front suspension height.

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My LHS was 1/2" lower than the RHS. I bought new springs from Revington and fitted the LHS. This made it 1/2" higher than the RHS.


The answer seemed to be to fit the other new spring to the RHS. This brought me back to the starting point. LHS high.


I have left it alone while the clutch was being replaced. Now I can change gear easily I am back on the suspension.


If I add extra spring insulators will that increase the height or only compress the spring? Please advise.


While I was busy measuring the front today, I checked the rear. Here I have the same problem but on the other side.

This should be easier because I remember reading that there are packing pieces available for the rear axle.


Has any one any advice on leveling the TR3A


Thanks Richard & H

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This needs further advice. Yesterday I measured front and back and the car was level. This is the first time in at least 18 months.


We has a proper family Sunday lunch and afterwards I measured again and it was still level.


This morning the LHS has dropped 1/2 " back to the usual problem. It must be time to fit all the poly bushes that I bought from Revington.


Could the bushes make a difference to the ride height. ?


Thanks Richard & H.

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Some thoughts


Are you measuring from a level floor to corresponding points on the chassis?


Are the rear spring leafs free, lubricated and sliding properly. If these stick it can give the problem you have.Might be worth lubricating as per workshop manual and then going for a drive on rough road to make them do so work and ensure they are not the cause.


Could be that some of the bushes on one side are completely cream crackered......or it could be the those on the other side are very stiff, or it could be that the inside of the turret has corroded and you have no spring collet left up inside the turret? (This is the welded in piece that locates the Spacer on short springs or the spring itself on longer springs.) Therefore one spring is effectively higher up in the turret than the other?


Just some thoughts!



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Yesterday I had a local technician fit the poly bushes to the front suspension after several years of looking at the box in the garage


  1. All the old car groans and squeaking have gone. I can stop worrying about the wheels and splines and other potential bits.
  2. The bracket which sits on the rebound rubber is missing on the LHS. This of course affects the height.(at last)

Has anyone got a spare rebound bracket (Moss 106884). They are not available and I would like to buy a used one from a forum user. TRGB are searching but no luck so far.


So the TR has stopped squeaking, starts very well hot or cold, but is not quite level. Almost ready for CLM. Never mind the mpg.


Please help if possible. Thanks Richard

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If Colin does not turn one up I will dig in the box as I think I have a spare also.


Just to be sure....It is the bit that attaches with 4 nuts to the lower spring pan and covers the lower shock mount. - NOT the bit on the chassis attached with two long bolts.

I think I have spares of both items.



PM if required


Peter W

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