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Summer's Coming - Read about Thermostats and Radiator pressure caps

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This all makes fair sense.


Fitting a cooler thermostat will not stop overheating - just delay it.





Increasing pressure of radiator cap will raise boiling point. .... But to my mind may explode your TR2/3 Smiths heater....it is also said the bellows thermostat will not work correctly if over 4psi radiator cap pressure is used.




link to Redline Water Wetter Moss Europe http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/water-wetter-335ml-mm220-115.html

Probably cheaper on ebay - you can even buy the stuff premixed with de ionised water.


Peter W



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Aren't these magic potions simply masking a real problem with the cooling system?

If the water jacket around no. 4 cylinder is crudded up (as usual) and a water wetter is used to get the overall temperature down, doesn't that produce a greater difference between number 4 and the other cylinders with a consequent risk of distortion?



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When restoring my engine I saw that the cylinderheads were designed with different sizes for the inlet hole depending on their position: Round in front of cylinder no. 1, teardrop in the center (between cylinder no. 2 & 3) and triangle behind cylinder no. 4.


Using my professional experience with flow dynamics i would estimate, that this leads to approx. equal flows of water through all three positions.


If you take a typical head gasket, this shows round holes at the end and a large slot in the middle: It is symmetrical (33%/ 33%/ 33%).

Recalculating with this restriction in flow behind cylinder no. 4 the flow of cooling water looses its symmetry and you get something like 40%/ 40%/ 20%. This would reduce the flow of cooling water to the rear cylinders by a large amount, especially for the last cylinder.


And I'm sure, that the engineers in these days didn't design the head more complicated then necessary.


So crudding up in the rear may not be the only problem....



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