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LED replacement bulbs for rear lamps

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Just fitted a set of Bobs LEDs and they're brilliant (see what I did there :-) )

I was surprised to see that they are just as much of an improvement when viewed from the side too.

Thanks Bob.

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Hi Bob.

I may be too late but if not I'd like a pair please for my late TR3 positive earth (at the moment).
If I later swop to neg earth is it something that I can change over?



Transferred this PM so all can see the answer.


I am making these "on demand" turn-around is usually 1 day.


They can only be made -ve, or +ve earth. once made it would be very difficult to change.

However, I would be happy to exchange one for t'other if you do change the polarity of the car at some future date.

There will always (hopefully) be someone else who wants the 1st option.


If anyone who buys these from me has any problem with them (non so far) I will happily sort out / repair / exchange as appropriate.


I charge £10 per bulb + postage, which in this country is 96p (1st class large letter)



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These shots taken this evening showing Bob's LED's in action!


Photo 1 ~ Tail light.

Photo 2 ~ Brake light.


I think that drivers following behind this car should wear welding goggles!



attachicon.gifIMG_1904 - Copy - Copy.JPG

attachicon.gifIMG_1905 - Copy - Copy.JPG


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I came across this post elsewhere on the web and think it might be of interest to readers of this topic. Certainly offers some alternative options.







TR3A 1960

Well he obviously isnt short of a bob or two.


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Coincidentally I am at present working on a similar solution to the non amber rear flashers, By using a yellow version of my red LEDS situated behind the reflector of the lamp cover.

I have acquired a couple of covers where the reflector is clear plastic instead of the usual red, & early test are encouraging.

Will report back !



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So the first bulbs have been exported to the continent - and seem to work in LHD-countries as well :)


I see a massive improvement in brightness and will test them soon (have to install my rebuilt engine in first) - already warned the collegues driving behind me to carry sunglasses with them, just in case...


And our german TÜV (= MOT), which is a group of "anoraks" (can you say it this way ?): Well, worst case it's loosening 4 screws and exchange the bulbs for these 30 minutes.....


Great job, Bob


Regards, Johannes

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Thanks Johannes, glad they arrived safely.


My car has just got through it's MOT last Friday, passed with no comment on the lights.


Initial results on the "flasher in the same housing" experiment are promising:


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After following me on a drive home from a local watering hole John (Chilliman) reports that the new LEDs are similar to a "modern" from behind.

Thanks again Bob.

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There have been some questions about the legality of replacing filament bulbs with LED types.

I have done some searching on the web, & as far as I can see any car built prior to 1985 is not restricted.
Here are the relevant pages to cover Tail lamps, & Stop lamps:



and this supports the cause: FBHVC News 4-14 RTF.doc




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