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A thread elsewhere on Forum reminded me of how often folks use the wrong size spanner . . . . . and regret it.


Herewith a link which I have mentioned in years gone by, updated and expanded since last I mentioned it . . . . . .


A most useful table of relative sizes of jaws, vast quantities of useful advice re spanner handling, and more follow-up links for even more specialist data than you could ever need.







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I believe the original Whitworth standard specified different sizes for the bolt head and the corresponding nut, so that it was not necessary to have two spanners of the same size in order to tighten a nut on a bolt. Clever chap, Mr Whitworth.



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I did come across this chart years ago, printed it and taped it to one of the columns of the 4 poster lift. I used it quite often, when you need a spanner just a bit smaller or larger than the standard.

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Thanks Alec, bookmarked.

It must be essential reading in the Dundee University Satellite Receiving Station.....?


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Updating the link that Alec gave, which now fails to connect for me.

Chart - https://www.crawford-space.co.uk/old_psc/spanner-jaws.pdf

Text -   https://www.crawford-space.co.uk/old_psc/spanner_jaw.html



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