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Rover SD1 Rear Axle fitting to TR7 V8 - propshaft alignment problem

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I started the fitting of a Rover SD1 axle to my 7V8 FHC over some 20 years ago but it stalled due to various other mods.

My aim was to use the Rover axle with the additional track and 3.08 ratio.

Fitting TR7 axle brackets and V8 propshaft the car now drives.I have finally managed to get to try out all my endeavors.

I am now faced with a design problem I had not foreseen.

I had presumed the main central axle castings of 7 and SD1 were similar seeing as the crown wheel and pinions are interchangeable.

Not so! I have noticed that the propshaft drive flange on the Rover axle sits approx. 1"(25mm) off centre when viewed down the car from the rear.This causes the propshaft to run in a non parallel route along the tunnel and causes the shaft to foul the drivers side exhaust box heat shield at the rear.

I should add that the wheels are equidistant from the car body.

My question is has anyone else had similar problems? I have heard somewhere that the angles the props can move should be limited.

I had thought that this was a tried and tested modification?

If anyone has an SD1 what line does the prop. take as it runs rearwards from the gearbox drive flange?

I also checked an old 4 speed/auto. axle I have and even that has an off set of around 3/8"(10mm)


Any solutions/thoughts most welcome.

Thanks in advance David

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Yes, why not use the 5 speed rear axle which was fitted to the TR7 and used in it's V8 guise ? No problems with fitting it and the angles run within the 7 deg limit I use for U/Js. It was strong enough to take the HP and torque my modified engines would put through it and so it may stand a chance of coping with your maybe modified outputs. Above all no **sing about with offsets on the axle.


Mick Richards

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