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Tr6 bonnet alignment

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Working on a rebuild of a tr6 and it is a bit of a tail of woe that I won't both you all with.


Anyway advice request. Having trouble with bonnet alignment its away right now but due back shortly. Seems my hope for the bonnet fit is a bit


Basically to my eye it appears the front end is out of square and therefore the bonnet has not a hope of fitting with nice gaps all round. I think the dimensions are good just out of square. I wondered how movable the front outer wings are in relation to the inner wings? As I mull this it seems rigidity seems to come from the actual bolting of the wings inner to outer.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Have you tried,


Taking bonnet catch of

Taking lights out and grill

Laying webing over the engine bay to retrieve/ lift bonnet up

Lay bonnet into engine bay and centralise using wedges, bolt the bonet up

If the hinges are worn it will lift up and move two inches to the left or right

put masking tape on engine bay catch and enginers blue on on bonnet catch and move to they connect

Make sure the cable is tied of so it cannot operate

I have to move the bonnet on the hinge pins 2 inches to the right to pick up the catch,

However the gaps are really good

I have got new/second hand hinges with good pins I have got to refurb, hopefully the pushing will stop


Before I used this method the job would take me days, and I never got the gaps right

The above method takes a couple of hours and really works


Hope this helps


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