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16"- 17" Too big for the girl?

Guest hodgie

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Perennial question I know. in fact i think I've asked it myself before. That was before I had to spend my cash rebuilding the engine!!

I rather fancy some Superlite alloys with 10 spokes. Classic design. But what size. i would really like to go big and skinny tyres. 15" x 6 is fine and can keep speedo within tolerance depending on choice of tyre. But can I fit 16's or 17's x 7?


(a) will the width work without modification/ even turning the arch lip up?

(B) will the size affect turning circle and contact arches?


The girl is lowered 1" (springs)with spax adjustables.

So the question is can anyone say with authority whether 16"- 17" 'ers are too big for the old girl?

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Guest Chris Draper

Don't know for sure, but I'd say you'd be OK for diameter as long as you watch the profile - the arches are pretty big. Think I heard of someone fitting 16's somewhere. I did try the 16's off my MGF when I had it - seemed to fit OK with 215/40's, but I didn't drive it with them on.


Only thing I'd say about skinny tyres is that you lose overall suspension compliance because of the reduction in tyre wall, so if you've got uprated suspension you may find it too hard a ride.


As far as wheel width goes, 7's don't fit the rear arches, but do fit at the front. I've got 15x7's running 205/50's & the rear arches had to be rolled up to fit them. I'd say the ride's pretty firm with 200lb springs, uprated shocks & polybushes. Wouldn't want to go any harder & I'm thinking of raising the tyre profiles next time to 55's or 60's to soften it a little.


One other point - larger wheels generally means more unsprung weight, unless you can afford mags...

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