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Due to advancing years (car and owner) I'm thinking of buying a CL Auto's CL01 car lift. Just wondered if anybody has experience of these lifts?


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Hi Alan


Yes, I have one and it is very good.

Easy to manoeuvre around. I would get a drill to operate it - the handle is hard work. I did it, but I believe using a drill makes it much easier.

I changed the exhaust on my TR6 with it and it proved to be very effective. Not too much getting in the way and it tilts very easily.

I think from memory it comes built up as the narrowest option and you adjust it for whatever car you have. That takes a bit of time, but it isn't too difficult.

It stores pretty flat when not in use and doesn't take up much space.


I have to say that I do know Colin and CJ Autos (I produce their catalogue).


Give him a call and maybe pop over to see it at their premises (they are in Heywood, Lancashire). He is very helpful and can offer advice.




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I part own one (shared the outlay with a pal) and yes it's great. Much bigger than it looks in the pics so make sure you have somewhere to keep it when not in use. Also you'll need a decent drill to get it to lift with a car on. Your simple battery type will not do, my dewalt li-ion isn't up to the task.

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I've been on the lookout for ages for a decent lifting device that won't break the bank. From the positive comments perhaps the CL01 is the one.


One question for those here who use it...


It seems to have two longitudinal lifting platforms which support the underside of the car on each side. What part of the car do these lift? Chassis rails are too near the centre and the sills aren't strong enough, so how exactly does a TR sit on the lift?




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