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How do I make my jpeg files smaller from mb's to kb's it seems some of my pics have saved in mega byte size and some in kilo byte size !!! all taken with my smart phone and sent to my desk top.


Sorry for being a dinosaur but how do I reduce the amount of space they use ???? :wacko::rolleyes:



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Hi Roger,


I went into paint and resize and all I can manage to do is cut the pictures in half, cant seem to resize the whole pic my pics are 6.3 Mb ???? :blink:



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Hi Nigel,

OK. open 'MS Paint'. Attach a pic to the screen (Top lefthand corner drop down menu will give you all the options.

With the pic on the screen hit the resize button - this will give you two boxes to the top of the new box - set at 100. This is 100%

If you select 10 (10%) the picture will reduce significantly.


I'm assuming that ALL Paint progs are the same.


The attachment started out at 5Mb and is now 75Kb (apprx 10%)





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Hi Nigel


It's a very frustrating issue.What I found is, open the picture and choose email from the picture menu. Mine then opens up in Microsoft outlook with a blank message, but with the picture attached in a reduced size. I then simply right click on the picture attachment, copy and then paste into a folder (which I have named "reduced sized pictures") . Done. Then I can copy and attach to another mail or to this site in a reduced size.


I hope that helps


Best Bill

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