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Newbie who is coming across the Pond

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Hello my fellow TR 6 owners from the motherland! My name is Aaron and I live in the states. Since September 2015 I am the proud owner of a 1972 TR6 in Sapphire Blue. I am 44 years old and this is the car I have wanted since I was 10 Years old. In addition to this forum I am on 6-Pack.org and Triumphexperience.com.


And here is my crazy request/question. This August my lovely wife and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary in London. We would love to rent a Tr6 for 1-2 days and go to Stratford Upon Avon and toodle around on some English roads. How can we make this happen? Would anyone on this forum want to rent their TR6 to two strangers from the US for a day, maybe two?


Or would maybe a few forum members want to join us on a road trip from London to Stratford-Upon-Avon?


I know. Crazy, out of the blue. I get it. My wife is an English professor here at the University of Cincinnati and who is going with or without a Triumph. But it would be so much fun.



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Hi Aaron,


Welcome to the Forum, maybe someone on here will rent a car to you, but if not there are several classic car hire companies in the UK.


Check this link. http://www.classiccarhire.co.uk/search/cars/


Pity you aren't there in July for the TR international weekend. http://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2016/07/0001/TR-Register-International-Weekend-2016




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Hi Aaron,

If you haven't done so already, join the TR Register and find out the locations and contact details for all the local groups in the areas you will be visiting, all the details are in our club magazine, TR Action




The local groups have calendars of events and shows on their patch and further afield.

Contact (email) the local group leaders for the areas you will be visiting with your itinerary, you never know what might be happening..........




(I live pretty near Stratford Upon Avon, so subject to dates and availability............................)

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Hi Aaron,

Welcome to the forum.

I think you might struggle to find a forum member that will hire out their car, but you may be lucky. If not, then this firm has a TR6 for hire - http://www.theopenroad.co.uk/static_108.htm. I've not had any direct experience of this firm, so I cannot recommend it as such, but might be worth you investigating.


I'm sure if the timing is right, there will be a few of us in the West Oxfordshire area that will be pleased to meet up with you on your journey to Stratford-Upon-Avon. As Ian says above, do think about joining the club.


Good luck with finding a TR6 for hire and please keep us informed of your planned route and timing.



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Thank you all for getting back to me. And thank you for the advice. I am going to have to bone up on my UK geography. I know this is a very very long shot, but it would make such a great experience. And I have mentioned to the wife that since we are going to be so close to Coventry......


What does an international traveler have to do to drive in the UK?




And I joined the Register so I will reach out to some of the clubs.

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Hi Aaron

I have a 73 TR6 CF so US spec which you will used to.I am willing to hire her out subject to getting full insurance ,if you are intrested just let me know.





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Dear Scootchy !!

Now the niceties Alex out of the way , please remember the following when visiting these green shores.....

1.We drive on the correct side of the road over here. None of your damn froggy rules .

2. We play proper football.

3.No girly baseball. Cricket here sir !!

4.Petrol is still bloody expensive and your dollars will disappear very quickly.

5.Our politicians lie just as much as yours do, but ours have neater hairstyles and wigs.

6.Shops. No more "have a nice day" upon your departure. More like being totally ignored while they check their phones.

7.The green stuff on the ground is called grass. This is mainly covered in litter (garbage).Mainly found in the country. The tall sticky things with green stuff on top are called trees.

Books are available in order to recognise animals in the country. I-spy.

8.Our Police, if you can find any, are approachable and will not shoot you. They carry sticks for defence etc. and mobile phones, and camera, and body armour, and a bat utility belt, and a Swiss Army knife, etc. Easyly recognisable as militia all dressed in black.

9.Roads. Generally useful , however the amount of cars in the UK means that our roads become car parks very quickly.

Sat navs do not identify pot holes in the roads. There are vicious gangs of road signs in the UK which mug motorists at every opportunity ie saying that there are road works ahead.....but bugger all really !!

10. If you travel to far north, you will come across the Scottish. Lovely people but have a tendency to paint themselves with blue woad.

Currently re building Hadrians Wall. They're making it taller to keep the English out.


11.Under no circumstances visit Devon . They will force feed you with scones with cream and jam one.Evil people.

Never talk scone protocol with a Devonian or Cornishman......you have been warned



Enjoy your visit !!

*disclaimer.....if this post has offended any person(s)......blah blah blah blah


Seriously, enjoy !!

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Crawfie, Thank you for the societal rules. Can I get a cold beer or is it really warm?


You'll need to ask our resident alcoholic. :D






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..... from Brentwood



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And I have mentioned to the wife that since we are going to be so close to Coventry......



Yes you not far from Coventry at Stratford. If you were thinking of visiting the site of the Canley plant you maybe disappointed, its now a series of retail / industrial units, but with road names such as Herald, Dolemite, Renown and Spitfire etc. The only surviving building is the Sports and Social Club off Tile Hill Lane. The main frontage of the works were on Canley Road.


A few miles towards Birmingham along the A45, is an Art Deco building which was the Standard Triumph Service Dept but also housed the Competitions Dept, this used to be very prominent building from the A45, but it seems to be now disappearing behind a large hedgerow along the highway boundary.


Your drive from London to Stratford could take in the Cotswolds, such as a route through Chipping Norton, Moreton in the Marsh and Broadway and then take a "B...." road to Stratford (old A46). On the way back you could take in the Heritage Motor Museum at Gydon.


Enjoy your visit.


A Coventry Kid.

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Beer is warm(ish). OTOH it has this thing lost to many (espl Aussie) beers called flavour.


If you're partial to those Craft(y) beers some of your guys do so well you'll enjoy the real ales. If you're a Bud sort of guy... good luck... stick to the theme pubs where they chill generic lagers to disguise the (lack of) taste.


I s'pose any warm beer will chill if you drive w the top down for a little while.

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