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Rear Wing Clamp

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Body coming together nicely. Looks very good in it's original BRG.

I have across this bracket in my left over bits and discovered it's a rear wing clamp.

Now if someone could tell me -show me with pictures- where and how it fits I'd be even happier.


Part No. 602167






Rear Wing Clamp.pdf

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It fits on the last (i.e. nearest the rear) dome headed screw securing the wing. One each side of the car. The purpose is to provide a clamping effect nearer to the rear light cluster.


To fit them you need long arms or a helper. I managed on my own.


Rgds Ian

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Make sure you fit it the right way round - it does not fit flat against the flange, but acts a bit like a flat spring, in that the short edge should be pushing the rear corner of the wing towards the body.



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These clamps are a swine to fit! I had to put a slight bend in mine. Fit them facing vertically down the body

and get the mushroom head screw to just enter the thread then swing the clamp up to engage with the wing

and finally tighten up. Believe me they are terrible things to fit!!


No such things on Austin Healey's and MGA's!



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Nice pictures, yep, that's the one.


When I was building up my car I had to get these brackets new from Moss, the ones they supplied had the captive nut on the wrong side !

Told them about it, & they said all the ones in stock were the same.

I altered mine to be correct, but I did wonder how many have been fitted the wrong way round, & as such will not be doing very much.



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On 2/28/2016 at 2:31 AM, M. Pied Lourd said:




found some 


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