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Some bodywork advise please

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Good work with the panel fitting, the gaps look just right. That clear, glossy paint finish should win some trophies!

Nice job, Andrew.




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So..its been a while. Nearly 6-7 months actually since my last post...but its finally nearly there.

Im currently stripping back the seats, passenger side first, but carpets are in and the car is driveable (albeit round the block only).

The time taken on the little things...getting stuff lined, up, folded over, tweaked here, tweaked there and even after ALL that, still not 100% is moral draining stuff.

On good days, beer in hand you stand back and look and go..ahhh...that looks awesome. Other days, you find all the bits only you know about and think about 'fixing' them.

Anyway..a pic for the record of where we are:-



Engine bay looks good too..


It needs a proper shake-down and the recently discovered clutch master and slave rebuilding but almost there.

Thanks again for everyones help along the way...not quite there yet, but not far off.



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2 hours ago, foster461 said:

Almost there Andrew. Just in time for the summer. My eye was drawn to the three relays on the front left fender. I have three just like them on my TR6 and TR3.



Hi Stan,

Yep..no doubt picked up from you or someone else on here. Just remember thinking 'what a good idea!' and so when the time came I made a small mod to add relays for the hi and lo beams and cooling fan. The O/D is another relay up by the wiper motor plus a couple of spares relay bases for future.

In hindsight and a bit of planning I would have put all the relays together and got autosparks (the loom mfg) to modify accordingly.

Instead I had to un-bind and strip the loom back and then re-loom to get the relays on the fender.

Anyway..thanks for the compliments. 

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12 minutes ago, TR NIALL said:

All lookin good ANDREW but I can’t help thinking the Air Filter is in the wrong place, would you not consider putting it the far side of the Rad Shield so it would be in the Cold Airflow.

And it would be able to draw more air.


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Just been reading the whole saga, and it's pretty amazing what you've achieved, after such a violent hit, the car is transformed. 

Mine is the same (similar) colour and at the moment I have wolfrace slot mags, but after seeing your before and after pics, I know I'm doing the right thing putting the steels back on. 

Will be following your progress to the end now. 



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Superb Andrew.

I had an accident in my TR6 last year. An elderly lady went thru a stop sign. I rang the police from the scene and they said too busy to attend!!!!

Then I noticed on the finalised police report that no fines were issued.......WTF??? Are W.A. police off with the fairies?

Anyway enjoy your beast........



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Hello everyone,

Thanks all for the compliments. Its not 100% there yet, but not far off. 

Im fighting my own OCD-ness and just making sure everything is done right. The final job will be to wet sand and polish the paint up as its currently wearing the gun finish so a few orange peel bits here and there.

Andrew, yep all recovered-ish. I've had 4 operations in total and the nerve endings in my cheek are never going to be 100% right but mostly all OK.

Craig, the WA police normally do a great job, but unfortunately it would seem that for both mine and your cases, the standard wasn't up to scratch. I took my incident as far up as I could muster the energy to do at the time, but short of a civil case, the police didn't do anything to help my case whatsoever. 
What was the outcome with your TR6? Did it get repaired and is it back on the road? If you need anything then give me a yell as I have a shed full of bits now (not intentionally) after the rebuild so If I can help?

Cheers again everyone. It`ll be a red letter day when it gets re-registered and I get the plates back on it.


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