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Correct Choke Cable Run

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On 1/13/2022 at 3:24 PM, RogerH said:

Hi David,

 obviously the lack of the half moon wedge plate is the cause of the cale not staying out.

The half moon plate would certainly generate some brass filings but as it is not there then !!!!!!

Does the rear carb not have any possibility of holding the choke cable - your set-up doesn't look right.  Any chance of a Photo from above showing both carbs.



So to follow up on this saga, I discovered that the black circular springy clip on the choke barrel behind the dash had slipped off during several different cable routing attempts, clearly this allowed the half moon locking segment to fall out. I hadn't realised just how tiny the half moon piece was - really small!  I shall have a go at making a replacement from a bit of hacksaw blade as suggested, first few attempts the blade snapped into bits when I put it on the grinding wheel - perseverance!


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