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TR7 Surplus Parts Clearance

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I'm in the bad books of a couple of Wedge owners - for not having mentioned here that I've been clearing surplus parts on the 'bay . . . . .


In fairness I had mentioned my stuff At The Bar, but evidently I should have mentioned it in the TR7/8 Forum too . . . .


Link - http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=381473955169&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_ssn=alecs_tr_garage_clearance&_sop=1


Can I remind interested viewers that if I have something on auction then it stays on auction - I don't play games with ending listings early for a sudden buy it now or an off ebay sale.


That sort of dodgy dealing simply disappoints everyone else who bids and watches in good faith.





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Hi Andy,


my son was not at all pleased with my letting go the spare front panel for your benefit, expensive exercise replacing it.


So no way are the remaining wings etc going, reserved as spares for his car.


No I don't have any more repair panels, just one new n/sr fhc wing and assorted used boot lids and bonnets.


As a general observation, if I say something isn't for sale, that's it . . . . . statement not a discussion topic.





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Not too bad thanks. Once the red one is up and running I can get back to the grinnall. Ok re screens, but if you hear of one I'll take it for the grinnall. Cheers, Keith

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