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Clip On Overtaking Mirror

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Hi Sage Ones,


Can anyone recommend a clip on rear view mirror that will work with the sidescreens? I bought one of those little rectangular ones for minis I think, and it fouls the side screen when opening the door.





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This topic has been covered many times before, I use a clamp on type, but had to modify the shape of the bracket to move the mirror forward enough to clear the sidescreens (which it now does) Pictures below:


post-12009-0-50740800-1496922500_thumb.jpg post-12009-0-52177100-1496922502_thumb.jpg


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The topic "Covered many time" BUT having trawled the topic, I can't find any reference to where these can be obtained! Moss don't seem to supply.


Just had a near miss joining the A380 from the Ideford junction with a wing mounted mirror that has a mind of it's own re setting up. Being short on legs(my gut is hitting the standard steering wheel) the rear view mirror might just as well not be there as it hits the screen trying to get an adequate overtaking view.

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There are so many variations, e.g., Holden:





Being non original but safety minded, I went for a more permanent solution that is visible with or with our sidescreen on and on both sides of the car.


Morgan wing and rear view mirrors from Librands


The small windscreen rear view mirror offers a very wide angle of view - you almost don't need a wing mirror - I removed the scuttle mounted original and have this higher up (you then have a rear view over a luggage rack)




the door mirrors are the 990 base and 989 stem. they are excellent, but require drilling and are not necessarily for the purist, more the survivor.






TRE mount them under and parallel to the windscreen stanchion, but i couldn't get this to work for me - also, being mounted on the door


On this pic they are visible just above the big blob of pigeon poo



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I did a survey at the IWE to compare and contrast overtaking mirror for TR3's and rapidly came to the conclusion that there were as many solutions as there were sidescreen cars at the event!


The one that I liked best was the one where the mirror had been modified by brazing the mirror stem to a Dzus clip and plugged into the rear windscreen fixing. Unfortunately the owner wasn't present as I wanted to quiz him on the particular donor mirror used. Obviously this takes a bit of planning - including a re-chrome post welding/brazing to the Dzus clip - unless of course, someone already produces them!

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I was at the IWE engaged in exactly the same project as Ben and concurred with his observation that there were as many solutions as cars with mirrors but no single solution that I considered perfect. I guess that if it was easy most people would have gone down similar routes.

It seemed that most people bent over backwards to avoid drilling non standard holes in their car and ended up with less than secure installations mounted on a single bolt, compromised side screen seals or overly long and less than rigid mountings akin to a mod scooter from the '60s. Even Revingtons solution seemed a bit aesthetically unresolved.

It looks like I will be taking a drill and tap to my windscreen brackets soon.

....... If I can pluck up the courage.

Andrew W

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Thanks McMutt! With my limited/non-existent Dutch and the help of Google translate I think it involves tapping in a m6 stud into the dzus stud hole

linky thing didn't work but I found it! http://www.drled.nl/triumph-tr2-3/51-triumph-tr2-3-bonnet-dzus-fastner-spiegelsteun-met-spiegel-rh-bijrijderszijde.html

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Thanks for the link Austin/Ben

Aesthetically these look nice and a relatively easy method of fixing, although I guess without some stud lock they could rotate loose.

Does anyone have any knowledge of how much visibility they provide, especially with Sidescreens on?

I guess passenger side could be a be a bit restricted.


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A visit to a Harley Davidson store/shop can be rewarding. They all have the HD catalog(ue) which is a mine of mirrors, arms of all shapes and sizes etc. All beatifully chromed as you can imagine. Not always in stock but can be ordered

Cut and shut and weld to the rear dzus fastener and you're road legal cos you can adjust it from inside the car.

Make sure you buy a convex mirror.



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If you have a later sidescreen car with the windscreen attached with chrome set screws then a HD mirror will screw straight in with no alterations to either car or mirror. Use the appropriate loctite to prevent the arm rotating and its job done.


Rgds Ian


Alternatively, use a Morgan mirror.

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As Ian says the Harley Davidson ones fit without any mods and work after a bit of adjustment. Also the convex stick on rear view mirror does a good job. Between all 4 mirrors I have a good idea what is behind me and overtaking. (almost everything)


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