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Classic Le Mans 2016 Sponsorship

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Hi Andrew, I'm not at liberty to say just now but at the moment its unlikely to be TRS styled although I am keeping the door open............ If you think about what racing has done for Healeys, E-types and even A35's in raising not only their own profile but the financial value of the marques as a whole then everyone who owns a TR will reap a reward when the time comes to sell it on.




Good luck with the raising the sponsorship and gathering the cars and I agree about raising the profile - I'll look forward to seeing the line-up.



The exploits of the TR Register teams in the 1980s relay races was the stuff of legend, and certainly played a part in raising the profile of the TR and the TR Register..............As I've said before, we need to get back to where we once belonged. :D




Yes, fully agree and I don't understand Ian C's comment, as I would have thought the benefit to the TR Register, its members and the marque was obvious?


I would like to think the Register will donate sponsorship to a TR based LM Team as I believe it has done in previous years.




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I have a PM for you, but you "are not receiving messages".

Please PM me, or else email - my address is in my profile.

Thank you,


Hi john, not sure what the problem is with messenger but your message box isn't accepting any either. Try contacting me on p-hogan@btconnect.com



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I may be misreading this, but are you suggesting that the TR Register sponsor a private entry,or entries using membership funds?

If so I would not support that.

I have a fairly long history of competing in historic motorsport, and have never heard of a marque club supporting individuals race expenses.

Sorry if I have misinterpreted the conversations. :)


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Hi Paul,


Keith Files here, tried to PM you but go no response. I am looking to take my ex-works TR4 to CLM next year along with 2 other FIA/HTP TR4s, can you drop me an email so we can chat about this please.





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