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Steering Rack - Quick

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My car came with one, it may be heavier at parking speeds (cant say Ive noticed a big difference), its a bit more direct on the move, again not a big difference(well not one I can note).

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Worse mod I fitted. The steering is a bit quicker but the lock is a lot less, almost embarassingly when parking. But that was 20 years ago, more recent racks may have cured that snag.

Solid steering rakc mounts - best most cost effective mod, for me( compered with rubber mounts)


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I am trying to pin down the cause of steering wheel shake at 70 -75mph. The suspension and wheel bearings have all been replaced and minilites balanced. Could it be wear in the steering rack and if so is it best to replace it or can it be adjusted/repaired?

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Mike, I think you already had the wheels dynamically balanced at the tire shop.

Balance the wheels now at the car, that will help.

I found that the wheels get imbalance always when you just remove and fit the wire wheels.


So I have a Hofmann Finebalancer for that because most of our tire shops here do not use them any more

and I do a rebalance whenever I removed the wheels. Its quickly done and mostly necessary.



If the shake stays its stil a dynamic imbalance present due to not straight wheels or flanges.

You may try to match the wheels to the best position or if wire wheels are fitted get them straight.


I have "Quick Racks" in use and combined them in addition with 320mm steering wheels.

Although its heavier to turn at parking for me its an improvement to better and more direct steering.

You get a better connection to the car and are able to react better and more precise and quicker.

It is not neceesary for smooth cruising but helps on highway use or drive fast on curved roads

(where the fun starts with a TR6)

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