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TR7 V8 Battery replacement time

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The time has come...I have gone outside and been some time, Oates style...I've chipped the penguins off the garage door...removed all the permafrost and the remnants of that Mastodon carcass.

My TR7 V8 lives outside but all my spares etc live within the confines of concrete and asbestos Anderson Shelter that passes for a "Garage"

So the car stated first time..Hussah.. but even after a charge my Battery (5 years old now) is only showing barely over 12 volts... Booh

My car is a TR8 replica so the battery lives in the boot currently (joke) it is of the 096 variety and I do like a decent battery so am prepared to tap in the combination to the atomic deadlock on my moneybelt and pay a decent amount for a replacement.

My question is...stick to a 096 or...is there a larger more powerful full fat version that will fit.



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My 3.9 V8 road car has the battery in the boot and I use an Odyssey 35 like this: http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/batteries/odyssey-extreme-racing-35-battery-pc925


I also have a 3.9 V8 rally car that did run an Odyssey 25 (now has an Odyssey 35) which, although the 25 cranked okay I decided to upgrade to the 35.


I also run the high torque starters.

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I have breached the security perimeter of the deadlock and found that the contents has sadly contracted...probably the weather.. or financing 6 ugly Grand-Children.

With what remained I have though managed to procure a Yuasa 5000 096 which fits a treat and maintains a healthy 12.8 volts

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