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TR6 Body Tags

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Hi just a quick question for all of you original TR6 owners.


There are two aluminium body tags on the bulkhead behind the clutch master cylinder one is painted body colour and the other is plain.


Here is the thing, which should be on top ?


I am in the process of re-fitting them but can't remember how they were.


Thank in anticipation


Top off.

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Copied from an ealier post from Derek Graham


Hi Dave, on your TR the pop rivited body number tag on the bulkhead should be unpainted and is actually the "Trim body number" The "body on white tag" is actually welded to the underside of the nearside rear arch and that will be painted over. It may be however that this tag is welded onto the top of the offside front wheel as the commission number of your TR is at about the changeover point. See attached images of the two locations. Heritage shells have their own numbering system and they are also on a pop rivited bulkhead aluminium plate with a number like BMHTR00????. This can of course be replaced with the original tag. Later TR6's from circa CP/CC75001 had two pop rivited aluminium body tags on the bulkhead one painted and one unpainted.
The bottom line is that for TR6 with a similar commission number to yours then if your shell is original you should have a welded body tag either on the top of the offside front wheelarch or underside of rear nearside wheelarch.

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