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Hi Folks


I have a grinnall


It runs 5 stud wheels, with modified SD1 strut mounts, the car is very twitchy and is pulling left, does any one have figures on how the toe in toe out should be set.


Tyre pressures etc are all ok, as is all the front suspension as it has all been renewed also the powersteering rack has been reconditioned.





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I'm sorry I don't know the tow out should be set up for your car - have a go at getting hold of the Grinall registrar via the club.


Other than that have you looked at the rear suspension? worn bushes - or even the rear swinging arm itself where it mounts into the body behind the seats.




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Recommended toe ins don't vary much. I don't see how incorrect toe-in can create twitchy behaviour, but I have no problem by being corrected on this by those with more practical experience. I would expect that excessive toe-in would cause very poor steering response.

Hopefully someone on the forum can suggest something else to look at, because toe-in wouldn't be top of my list.


The best of luck in sorting it out


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Guest Wayne S

0-1.6mm Toe in works best on my Grinnall, however as the post above says, that wouldn't be at the top of my list.


A Grinnall should stop and drive arrow straight, usually with pulling to one side and twitchy behaviour it is one of the following:


Track arm bushes

Bottom arm bush to subframe.

Worn ball joints

Subframe bushes

Rear trailing arm bushes or excessive corrosion around mounting point to rear of floor.

Broken rear coiler shock absorber (if your Grinnall runs these with the SD1 axle, mine does). They usually fracture at the top of the stem.

Pinion extension housing bracket to transmission tunnel - the metal is of a thin gauge here and corrosion can see this punch a hole through the tunnel or rip the bracket off.

Bent rear trailing arm - the SD1 items are quite thin!

Worn bush or play in the watts linkage or pan hard rod , the bar traversing the axle to the body.


I would start with these items first, go round and check everything for play, misalignment or corrosion.


Hope that helps!

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