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Lucas Running In Additive

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Where can I buy Lucas Running In Additive? From a Google search it appears only

available from America. Is there any other running-in additive available over here?



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From API-SF on the amount of ZDDP in the oil is reduced.

Polluting the cat it helps oiling in areas where only oil mist is availiable.

Modern engines avoid this way of lubrication and give oilfeed to cams etc.


ZDDP can be added from many suppliers.

As far as I know it is not street legal to add that to oil.

Some oils formulated for vintage cars have this still included.

For TR6 I would use ZDDP all the time not only for break in.

Cam/tappet area is the typical part that suffers from modern oil

although overall it became much better!


The effect of ZDDP becomes less necessary at high revs

because there is sufficient oil splash to wet the requiered areas.


I use "ZDDP" or the product from comp, its all the same.....




Hope this helps!

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