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Reversing light switch

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+1, the reversing light switch is on top of the gearbox cover on my 4A. According to the Moss catalogue the side mounted reversing light switch was a variant used with the J type overdrive, so the box in your picture looks like it was originally from a 1973 on TR6 Roger.



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aaarrrggghhhhh - I thought I was helping!! Why did TRiumph keep changing things.


Indeed it is a 'J' type box/OD


Has anybody got a decent pic of an 'A' type box rev light switch position.


here is an 'a' type box - the rev light switch is off set to the left.



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how do i know what gbox and o/d i have?


there are "roughly" 4 fwd gears and an "occaisional" reverse


the o/d 'works' in 2, 3 and 4


the o/d switch is like a belini pan


the gbox ratios between 1 and 2 are miles apart


gearchanges are, lets say, snappy, touch the lever and the gearbox is already spitting it out of gear


the o/d used to be v v quick to engage, abrupt would be an apt description, esp' in 4th (i think all new london buses have them fitted), although now it takes about 1 - 1.5 secs to slur into 4o/d (no thats not a tv station)

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on an iphone you dont get post numbers - in fact, on an iphone you get auck fll these days - in fact i suspect iphones are made from dead TR's such is their build quality and reliability

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FWIW My 1972 T2000 O/D box has an "A" type O/D & the reversing light switch is on the side as in Rogers picture.



Saloons had that fitment earlier.


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Hi all,

I am trying to find the reversing switch on my 1973 TR6. I found this thread which looks like it had some useful photos although it is now so old the links no longer work. I was wondering if anyone can point me I  the right direction? I thought it was better to continue the discussion here rather than create a new thread.

Kind regards,


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This links to the Buckeye picture:


The Moss picture shows  the alternative positions:


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