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As you may have seen on the news Unipart Automotive have gone into administration.

No pay for July, so claim it back from the government. Same for notice. Kept on by kpmg for 2 weeks to help close it down.

Therefore, if I can't find a similar job role pretty soon, the TR will have to go.


It has won Pride of Ownership at the IWE a few times.


Insured for 10k


Hope to make it to IWE, but it seems a long way from Dorset, and cancelling the hotel would save shed loads of dosh.

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Sorry to hear that Joe, hope you are able to work it out.


Mick Richards

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Best of luck, Jo. Life is strange, and when one door closes another often opens. Moving the TR on would be a tough decision, for sure, but one has to make those choices sometimes and there will be lots of options if a new TR has to join the stable down the road.

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Hi Joe


Yes, I was sorry to hear the general news and sadder still to hear about one of our own in trouble.


A few years ago it happened to me and my TR served me well after I lost my company car, long tours now that I had time and well as trips to the shops and even the odd interview !


It kept me sane and whilst things looked grim at times, I'm glad I kept her, you will be too..........hang on, things have a way of working out when you least expect it


Meanwhile, come and join us campers at the IWE, you can get a nice big tent in the boot of a 7 :D

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Thank you all for your kind replies and wishes.


Alec, thanks for the offer of the tent. If I go on my own, I may take you up on it, but Mrs JTC doesn't camp.

Can I let you know?


You are all wonderful, and my chin is up!





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Hi Jo,


you can have the spare tent with pleasure, or borrow one of our others, no problem. We won't be at IWE, but you can pick up a tent en route . . . .


Selling the car might be easy, replacing it might be a tad more difficult. Laying it up isn't expensive . . . .


If Mrs JTC doesn't do camping, then maybe it's time she learned. No, let me rephrase that, it's time she bloody learned. No maybe.


If you're over 40 and made redundant for whatever reason, then the odds aren't exactly stacked in your favour. That's life, been there etc. You forget the hotel lifestyle and move on. At least you're not looking the Grim Reaper in the eye or lounging six feet under on a permanent basis.





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". if it has to go then please email me .... I will also put the caveat that you have the option to buy it back at the same price as sold for 12 months .... worth a thought!"


Thank you for your very generous offer Chris. If it comes to it I will definitely email you,


All the best,

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Hi Joe,


Again sorry to hear about your situation, I've been there too, real c**p feeling, but I'm confident turn it'll turn positive like it did for me, although I'm sure the 'tunnel' looks long, try to keep the TR, it really helps lift you on those moments, hope to see you at the IWE, camping there is super, if the Mrs doesn't like, you could fit a tow bar like me and take a caravan (hired or loaned), home from home comfort and the V8 will cope easily :)


Take care and good luck!!!



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