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Laurence Pye

Needle roller spigot bearing

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Hi. I seem to remember having similar problem many moons ago with a non Triumph car.

No idea if there is a special tool but I ended up carefully grinding through the 'outer ring' with a small rotary stone until it just cut through into the softer flywheel. Obviously the diameter of the stone or point needs to be less than the internal diameter of the outer ring.

There is no need to grind the whole circumference all the ring but just a line in the direction of the crankshaft and then breaking out the ring with a pointed implement. I used an old scriber I could hit gently with a hammer.

With care and patience it should break out.

Good luck. David

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In the good ol' days the solid bronze spigot bearings could be easily 'hydrauliced' out by filling the the crank spigot chamber with grease and tapping in an old first motion shaft. If you can find a piece of solid bar to fit snugly into the outer cage, it would probably pop out nicely with no danger of damage to the crank.


The trend with many engines now is to run without a spigot bearing.



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