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PCK 422K Red TR6

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Hi All

Last year I bought my TR6 reg number PCK 422K from a guy down in Wolverhampton who had left it to while away 16 years untouched,unused and unloved!!.

She was in a bit of a sorry state but I had the engine up and running within the hour of getting her back to my place here in Yorkshire - and everything worked to my surprise.

So I was just wondering if anyone has any info on her past. It would be nice to collect a bit of history or photo's of her in her prime!

Fingers crossed and thanks in advance




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Hi, Graham,


I guess you'll be aware of the V888 form to send to DVLA to get information on previous owners of your car?


I did this a few years ago at a cost of £5, I think, and was amazed at the details they sent me - all the owners back to first registration, colour changes (several!), change of engine number etc. Simple form to complete, just had to put in a few words about why I wanted the info - seem to remember I put something about researching the background and authenticity of my historic vehicle.


No doubt you can do it online these days.


Good luck with your quest.



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Find myself here following quick google search. Just found an old photo negative in my dads documents and it's him with this very car in July 1981 in Coventry (I would have been 7 yrs old!). The DVLA records show it as being blue and red (as in my photo). Is it still running and in good condition? I'd be interested in buying it if it is and you ever think of selling it.

Kind regards,


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