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gearbox again

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Just reassembled the gbox with all the new bits and all seemed to go well, however trying to turn the flange on the end of the overdrive ( that connects to the propshaft) by hand is almost impossible. Is this normal

Attaching a power drill to the clutch end of the input shaft and sliding the reverse gear into mesh enables the output flange to turn as expected, so all seems to work, I'm just concerned about the amount of effort to turn it by hand

Opinions please


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Doesn't sound right to me, what you are doing is the same as on the over run, ie the back end is turning the gearbox, something must be wrong for it to be v stiff.,

Got any oil in it?,

even so I would be going backwards until I found what made it so stiff


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It should be easy to turn the O/D flange in neutral, getting progressively more difficult as you go from top, to third, to second, to first & reverse.

Did you try turning the I/P shaft in all gears before adding the O/D ?



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Did you rebuild the tail-shaft bearings? These are hard to set-up right.


Did you rebuild the OD? If so did it turn freely before you connected to the the gbox?


This is wrong somewhere. I'd take the OD off.


Here is a cheap, weedy electric motor running the drive train at 1400 rpm via a loose belt-drive.



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Hi Guys

Thx for the responses

I haven't rebuilt the O/D and it was fine before reassembly

I guess off it comes again

Anyone got any suggestions for keeping the 2 parts of the O/D that the Gbox output shaft slides into aligned as it was a real pig


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